Brookfield School Pilot to Set New Standard for School Retrofits

Ameresco has brought in VOR Group to work on a PAS2038 retrofit project at Brookfield School in Camden. As part of Camden Council’s pledge to become carbon neutral by 2030, they are using Brookfield as a pilot scheme to test measures that can be replicated across other schools in the area.

Following the PAS 2038 standard for commercial building retrofits, this project provides a consistent, comprehensive approach to achieving maximum energy savings.

Brookfield is an old Victorian school building located in a conservation area, presenting some unique challenges. With solid brick walls up to half a meter thick and beautiful original sash windows, there are strict limitations on what retrofit measures can be implemented.

After careful consideration, the team decided on internal wall insulation, new timber sash window replacements in keeping with the heritage aesthetic, updated ventilation, and heating improvements.

As lead consultant, VOR Group is carrying out all of the necessary design work, energy modelling, overheating analysis, moisture modelling, and more to ensure the retrofit is effective while preserving the historic charm of the school.

Initially, the project is focused on a section of Brookfield, allowing Camden Council to trial the measures before potentially expanding the upgrades across the entire school.

Camden Council entirely funds the Brookfield School retrofit as part of their Carbon Neutral 2030 commitment. By demonstrating success in improving energy efficiency within the constraints of a conservation area building, they hope to unlock replication potential for dozens more schools in the area.

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