Our Services

Whatever stage you are at in your retrofit journey we can help

Our experienced team delivers an end-to-end service, from strategy and archetype assessment through to design, delivery and compliance. We consult and collaborate with housing providers, local authorities, homeowners, and organisations to develop and realise maximum value through PAS 2035 and PAS 2038 compliant retrofit solutions that improve lives, increase value and future-proof our built environment.

VOR delivers PAS 2035 compliant retrofit solutions at each stage including:

PAS 2035 advice

Archetype assessments and strategy 

Funding advice 

PAS 2035 Retrofit assessment 

PAS 2035 Retrofit coordination

PAS 2035 Retrofit design including BS7913 Heritage Design and Planning Permission

Retrofit project management 

Evaluation and monitoring

VOR deliver PAS 2038 compliant retrofit solutions to non-domestic buildings, commercial organisations, schools and businesses including: 

PAS 2038 advisory tailored to each organisation 

Retrofit assessment including condition survey and measured building survey

Identification and evaluation of retrofit solutions

SBEM modelling

Retrofit design and planning permission 

Retrofit project management 

Evaluation and monitoring

Technical advisory and modelling services including:

PAS 2035 Design including BS7913 Heritage Design 

Full energy modelling (SAP/ PHPP/ SBEM) 

Thermal bridge modelling

Moisture modelling utilising WUFI

Overheating Modelling 

VOR will deliver full retrofit design using PAS 2035 principles for the private market, covering both owner-occupied and rented residential buildings, services include: 


Retrofit design

Technical advisory & modelling

Moisture Planning applications

Project management

Evaluation & Monitoring