Technical Advisory & Modelling

Full energy modelling (SAP/ PHPP/ SBEM) 

Conducting Energy Modelling in the early stages of a project allows us to provide superior advice on enhancing the efficiency of the dwelling. We can use various software such as SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure), Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP), or Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) to perform modelling to offer a better retrofit pathway based on the project’s scope and available data. This helps to optimize the retrofit approach and make sure improvements are made in the most efficient manner.

Thermal bridge modelling  

To model thermal bridge details on your project, we employ accredited EN ISO 10211 software, which calculates heat flows and surface temperatures in detail. Through this software, we can predict the energy losses through these junctions, also known as Psi Value or ψ–value, as well as the predicted temperature factor (fRsi value). These models can aid in designing a more efficient building, which reduces the likelihood of mould and condensation. 

Moisture modelling utilising WUFI 

To minimise the risk of moisture-related issues during retrofitting works, we use WUFI software to model the hygrothermal conditions in a building envelope. With this software, we can analyse the proposed building envelope build up, identify potential issues relating to surface or interstitial condensation, and assess the moisture content of different building elements. By having a WUFI model of your proposed building envelope, we significantly reduce the potential risks associated with high moisture content, ultimately helping to ensure a successful retrofit project.

VOR’s Work:

VOR has an excellent track record in delivering high quality retrofit projects at scale, across both the publicly funded and private sector. The VOR team are experts in PAS 2035 compliance, being called upon to audit retrofit projects for councils and housing providers.

Wellington Hill

VOR undertook PAS2035 retrofit services for a private client on their solid wall Victorian end terrace property in Bristol.

Unitas – Stoke on Trent

VOR group were commissioned to carry out full PAS2035 services on 74 terraced and semi-detached properties.

Livewest – Trewyn Flats

Trewyn Flats are a group of 16 flats, situated over two floors and connected by multiple corridors, in St Ives, Cornwall.