Retrofit Design

Why Retrofit your property?

Residential retrofitting offers a host of compelling benefits, contributing to both individual homeowners and the broader environment by cutting carbon emissions. Primarily, retrofitting enhances energy efficiency, leading to reduced utility bills and increased cost savings over time. By upgrading insulation, windows, and HVAC systems, homes can maintain more stable temperatures year-round, thus decreasing reliance on heating and cooling appliances. 

  • Consultancy
  • Retrofit design 
  • Technical advisory & modelling 
  • Planning application
  • Project management 
  • Evaluation & Monitoring

Why work with VOR

The retrofit process can be difficult to navigate alone, VOR can consult on every stage of the process, ensuring your project adheres to the government’s PAS 2035 principles and follows best practice, ensuring the best solutions for your property.

Every property is different, and we have seen first-hand the results of incorrect design or installation, with many properties installing incorrect heat pumps or failing to carry out the required preparatory work. Unlike traditional approaches that focus on single measures, VOR will take a holistic, whole-building retrofit approach to energy efficiency measures including the evaluation of existing energy demand and conditions, identifying improvement areas, designing appropriate retrofit measures, and monitoring and assessing the project.

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Advice for landlords

With evolving legislation making the need more imminent, Landlords in the UK should consider retrofitting their properties as a proactive and strategic move. Retrofitting enhances energy efficiency, reducing operational costs and increasing property value. Energy-efficient properties attract tenants seeking reduced utility bills and comfortable living spaces, leading to higher occupancy rates and longer tenancies. By retrofitting, landlords demonstrate environmental responsibility, contributing to the UK’s sustainability goals. 

Working with VOR to retrofit your rental property safeguards against future changes in regulations while fostering tenant satisfaction and solidifying a property’s long-term competitiveness in the rental market.

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