What is PAS 2035?

PAS2035 is a framework for the design and delivery of energy retrofit measures to existing buildings in the UK. The UK Government has highlighted the retrofit of buildings as an integral part of their strategy to achieve 68% carbon reduction by 2030.

All affordable homes will be required to achieve a minimum of EPC C by 2030 and all ECO Grant-funded refurbishment projects must fully comply with PAS2035.

PAS 2035 has transformed the refurbishment of buildings. Historically, energy efficiency programmes have focussed on single measures but PAS 2035 introduced the ‘whole-house’ or ‘whole building’ retrofit approach; a holistic approach to the installation of energy efficiency measures (EEMs) which considers the requirement of the entire building, both from a technical perspective and taking into consideration other factors, like occupant comfort.

The PAS2035 framework comprises of the assessment of domestic dwellings, looking at the existing energy demand, condition, constraints and identifying areas where improvements can be made, designing the relevant improvement measures, and monitoring and evaluating domestic retrofit projects.

VOR employ a team of fully qualified and experienced Retrofit Coordinators, Retrofit Assessors and Retrofit designers to enable clients to achieve full compliance under PAS 2035.

The VOR team are also TrustMark accredited, which is the industry standard mark of quality for Retrofit services.

VOR PAS2035 Process

VOR PAS2035 Process

PAS 2035:2023

PAS 2035 was updated in September 2023 to reflect evolving best practices, address implementation feedback, and align with the UK’s net zero emissions goals. Here we look at the main updates to be aware of and the implications. Click the banner below to read about the changes.