Compliance Review of WECA’s LADS Schemes

The West of England Combined Authority (WECA) appointed VOR Group in 2022 to undertake a compliance review of their LADS, PAS 2035 energy efficiency scheme. The entire scheme was approximately 4000 properties, and VOR was given a sample of 10% to review. Our review looked at 400 properties upgraded under the program, split across various southwest regions.

Background on the schemes

The LAD scheme aims to raise the energy efficiency of low-income and low-energy performance homes with a focus on energy performance certificate (EPC) ratings of E, F or G. Phase 2 allocated funding to Local Net Zero Hubs.

Scope of the compliance review

VOR Group was tasked with reviewing the PAS 2035 and PAS 2030 project documentation and undertake inspections of the installations of measures including:

  • Tenant eligibility
  • Full PAS2035 review of all submitted documents including retrofit assessments, coordination (Improvement Option Evaluations and Medium Term Plans) and Retrofit Design.
  • Review PAS2030 information, such as pre-inspection reports and handover documents for installers
  • Whether proposed measures were suitable for each property based on PAS2035 fabric first principles
  • Grant compliance – a review of the ability of tenants to apply for the grant.


We reviewed the PAS2030 information, which included the installers pre-inspections of all the handover documents and the retrofit design.
They were mixed-measure properties; including renewables, heating upgrades and higher risk mixed-measure properties with fabric improvements including internal wall insulation, loft insulation and floor insulation.


We then completed a full PAS2035 review of all the documents submitted for lodgement. This included medium-term plans for the measures that had been proposed to ensure they were correct for the property. For example, if a property only had solar panels on the roof, could it have had a fabric measure because PAS2035 following the principles of a fabric-first approach.

Feedback from WECA on VOR’s compliance review

“VOR demonstrated their expertise and professionalism throughout the project, employing a systematic approach to risk management that greatly benefited the analysis of data from over 6000 homes delivered on the LAD2 program.”

“One of the standout qualities of VOR is its strong client focus. They consistently prioritised the needs and requirements of the client whilst maintaining an empathetic approach to delivery organisations, going above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction. Their dedication to improving the quality of work was evident through the implementation of a simple traffic light system, which effectively communicated the status of each aspect of the project. This system proved to be highly valuable in enhancing the overall project outcomes.
I was particularly impressed by VOR’s commitment to the timely completion of the project. They consistently met deadlines and delivered high-quality results within the agreed-upon timeframe”.

Joanne Wright, Retrofit Project Manager, West of England Combined Authority

Findings of the review

VOR Group reviewed all documentation for the 400 properties and compiled compliance reports for each delivery organisation to ensure compliance at every stage and worked with the delivery organisation to rectify any areas of non-compliance.. It was a substantial undertaking requiring a detailed review of all project documents.

West of England Combined Authority