Ian Cross – Retrofit Assessor

Tell us a bit about your role at VOR?  

Assisting with administrative work on various projects and completing technical compliance site visits.  

Image: Ian Cross, Retrofit Assessor VOR Group - photograph

What do you do in your free time?  

I spend time with the family, holidaying on Dartmoor, selling things on eBay and playing golf!

What is your background? How did you come to work with VOR?

I have worked mainly for large corporations and held various sales, reporting and IT positions. I’m a lifelong friend of Kelly’s husband, so I know Kelly and her family very well. We had a conversation about retrofit at a friend’s bbq, and I was intrigued. So when I heard about an open vacancy at VOR, I jumped at the chance to work here!  

What qualifications have you worked towards to support your job?   

I am a qualified Domestic Energy Assessor and have my energy efficiency measures for older and traditional buildings and my retrofit assessor courses to do.  

Looking back on your career to date, tell us a bit about the best project you have worked on and why?  

Not so much a project but working as a theatre porter at Bupa Hospital Bristol was extremely rewarding in many ways. For example, I witnessed open heart surgery, which was incredible.    

Tell us a bit about why you are interested in improving energy efficiency and sustainability in building?   

To minimise national energy consumption and to help alleviate fuel poverty.  

What do you think is the biggest obstacle for people considering improving the energy efficiency of their homes?   

Cost. Although some energy efficiency measures can “pay themselves off” over a relatively short period, most households may struggle with the initial outlay.  

What measures have you taken in your own home?   

Very little. However, we had a loft conversion completed before the building regulations insisted on roof insulation, so we can’t officially classify it as a bedroom. We intend to pull all the plaster off the ceiling, insulate, and then replaster and decorate.   

Any other interesting facts about you?

I can access nearly 100% of loft hatches without a ladder!  

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