East Lindsey District Council

Project Overview

VOR have been engaged by ELDC to undertake a compliance and monitoring role on their HUG/ LAD schemes.

Our scope of works includes undertaking an archetype assessment of the proposed properties, completing energy modelling and producing an outline performance specification to define the mix of measures appropriate to each archetype setting out U-values and performance / technical parameters

Our Work

We are also engaged to review all the PAS2035 documentation produced by the delivery team including Retrofit Assessments, Retrofit Coordination (IOE/ MTP) and Design. We have completed an assessment prior to commencement of the project to provide comments back on pro-forma’s ensuring that the information captured is high quality and includes everything for PAS2035 compliance.

We are then retained on behalf of the client to check the documentation including assessments, design, installation documentation produced by the Retrofit Installer to ensure compliance with PAS2035 – this will be a sample of 200 properties across the schemes.

Furthermore, we will be undertaking sampling of installed properties to ensure that installations are compliant and to ensure quality compliance. We are ensuring the installer is providing a No Regrets approach to the retrofit and therefore ensuring the client has achieved best value during the process and then retrofit that is undertaken is future proofed.

As part of the Archetype Assessment VOR produce an interactive dashboard to allow the client to view the data regarding the properties