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Knightstone Heights
Funding: SHDF

Knightstone Heights

Knightstone Heights is a block of six energy inefficient flats in Frome, Somerset. VOR Group were engaged to assess the whole block to establish if it would be eligible for SHDF funding and to provide full PAS 2035 service to support the application.

VOR Group undertook:

  • Archetype assessments  
  • Retrofit assessments  
  • Energy modelling  
  • Retrofit coordination  
  • Retrofit design  
  • Planning application and building regulations.

Through their approach VOR were able to exceed all the targets set and significantly reduce costs, most notably with the inclusion of a storage heater in the communal corridors overcoming the need for corridor insulation.

Co2 Reduction Levels
Knightstone Heights EPC


The assessment included a measured building survey and full SAP energy modelling to propose a phased solution to improve the block’s energy performance, reduce heat demand and provide a phased approach to net-zero.

The package of measures included external wall insulation, replacement of all windows with thermally efficient alternatives, replacement of intermittent extract ventilation with decentralised mechanical extract fans, replacement of existing combi-boiler with an air source heat pump and installation of a hot water cylinder. The project also included a recommendation for solar PV for each dwelling as part of phase 2

Heat Demand
Energy Saving

Energy Efficiency Measures


Modern Storage Heater installed in communal corridors.



External Wall Insulation a U Value of 0.18 at Phase 2 to be retrofitted to the whole building including corridor. All windows and to be replaced with thermally efficient alternatives at phase 2 with a U-Value of 1.2.



All Intermittent extract ventilation to be replaced with decentralised mechanical extract fans. This is to be applied to all wet rooms at phase 1. MVHR to be implemented at phase 3 with a minimum heat recovery of 90%.



Wet radiators to be kept during all phases. Existing combi-boiler to be replaced with a ASHP at phase 3 with minimum winter COP of 3.5. HWC to installed at phase 3 in line with ASHP installation. HWC insulation to meet a measured loss of 1.3kWh/ day or better


Good opportunity for solar on the roof and it is calculated that there is space available for 2kW of solar PV per dwelling. This to be implemented at phase 2.