Retrofit against mould – A perspective from VOR Group

The Mould Problem in UK Homes

A recent Guardian article sheds light on the severity of damp and mould in UK homes, emphasising its widespread impact and health risks. According to their article, thousands, including vulnerable groups like babies and toddlers, are hospitalised annually due to lung conditions caused by mouldy environments​​.

Prevalence & Causes of Damp

Approximately 3% of UK flats and homes have significant damp issues, but the actual number is likely much higher. Damp is caused by excess moisture from various sources, such as condensation, rising damp, and penetrating damp. It’s more prevalent in rented properties, indicating a pressing need for practical solutions​​.

Health Impacts

Damp and mould have profound health implications. They contribute to depression, anxiety, and physical health problems. Mould, in particular, releases spores that can cause allergic reactions and respiratory issues. The Guardian highlights that mould spores are especially harmful in unventilated spaces, exacerbating conditions like asthma and potentially leading to severe infections​​​​​​.

VOR Group’s Retrofit Solutions

As retrofit specialists, VOR Group addresses these issues head-on. We apply PAS 2035 standards in our retrofit projects for residential homes, ensuring a comprehensive approach to enhancing building health and efficiency​​.

  1. Building Assessment and Moisture Management: Our initial step involves a detailed assessment, identifying areas prone to moisture and implementing effective moisture management strategies crucial for mould prevention​​.
  2. Advanced Moisture and Thermal Modelling: Using tools like WUFI, we simulate the building’s thermal and moisture dynamics, ensuring our retrofit solutions target the root causes of mould growth​​.
  3. Ventilation and Airtightness: We install air barriers and vapour control layers to manage moisture levels, along with effective ventilation systems crucial for maintaining indoor air quality and preventing mould​​.
  4. PAS 2035 Compliance: Our approach aligns with PAS 2035 standards, focusing on energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality, thereby reducing the risk of mould​​.

Safeguarding Homes with Strategic Retrofit Solutions

The Guardian’s report underscores the urgent need for effective mould prevention strategies in UK homes. We are committed to providing retrofit solutions that combat mould and improve overall building health and efficiency, making homes safer and more comfortable for all occupants.

You can read The Guardian article here.

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