Game, Set, Match: VOR Team Takes On Padel

Last Friday, the VOR Group team got together for a padel tennis session at Padel4All. For those unfamiliar, padel tennis is a fast-growing racket sport that mixes elements of tennis and squash. It’s played doubles on a smaller, enclosed court with walls to keep the ball in play.

We had enough players to field two teams. Even though some were new to padel, after a quick rundown of the rules from the coach, everyone jumped into the friendly competition. There were some cracking rallies, tricky trick shots off the walls, and plenty of laughs all around. Getting the team together outside the office for some fun was brilliant since we’re usually busy on-site or heads down working.

The padel champion of the day was undoubtedly Kelly, who dazzled with her slick padel abilities and owned the court during her matches. She showed the rest of us how it’s done with her expert play!

Ken, Raza, Jess, Yonas, Kelly, Jess and Phil.

Padel is great for beginners as the smaller court and walls make it easier to pick up than lawn tennis. The rules are straightforward, too. If you’re looking for a social sport that’s lively and engaging, we’d recommend giving padel a go! The VOR team had a blast, and we’ll make it a regular team activity moving forward.