The Path to Net Zero: Insights on Residential Retrofits in Bristol

Recent research from the Centre for Sustainable Energy provides valuable insights into homeowners’ perspectives on residential retrofits in Bristol. With rising energy costs and increasing focus on reducing emissions, retrofitting existing homes is key for sustainability.

Understanding Bristol homeowners’ retrofit perspectives

The CSE’s 2022 report on “Able to Pay Retrofit” surveyed Bristol homeowners interested in energy efficiency upgrades. Key findings include:

  • Most homeowners live in older, pre-1900 terraced or semi-detached homes with solid walls and EPC ratings of D-F.
  • 18% have made no improvements in the last decade, indicating more significant retrofits are needed.
  • Top priorities in the next 1-2 years are insulation measures – underfloor, cavity wall, loft. These are seen as having quicker payback periods.
  • 42% will likely install heat pumps and solar PV as longer-term investments in the next 3-5 years.
  • Key motivators are improved information on low-carbon heating and grants covering 25% of project costs.

The VOR Group approach to retrofit projects

With over 20 years of experience in residential retrofits, our team at VOR Group guides homeowners through the process:

  • Customised design: We maintain historical character while maximising efficiency gains.
  • PAS2035 compliance: Our qualified coordinators ensure retrofits meet UK standards.
  • Installation management: We oversee insulation, glazing, and heating system upgrades.
  • Project management: We handle the entire retrofit process from assessment to completion.

Wellington Hill, a Bristol success story

VOR undertook PAS2035 retrofit services for a private client on their solid wall Victorian end terrace property in Bristol. The client aimed to reduce energy costs, carbon footprint and future-proof their home while undergoing a loft conversion and other works. The retrofit measures resulted in significant improvements in the property’s energy efficiency. Read more here.

Wellington Hill

Start your retrofit journey today

If your home in Bristol needs improvement, we can help you plan and execute a customised retrofit to enhance efficiency and sustainability. Let us know if you need an assessment of your property and the development of a holistic upgrade plan.