Team News

ImgL Yonas Berge, Retrofit Designer

Yonas Berhe – Retrofit Designer

I am a retrofit designer, I am involved in the design and retrofit coordination of projects at VOR, primarily working with Phil as part of the design team. I also measure building surveys (MBS) and produce existing drawings (using Revit/CAD) to enable design and full technical tender packs to comply with PAS2035.  

Image: StJohn Townshend, Technical Consultant, VOR Group

StJohn – Technical Consultant

StJohn is a Technical Consultant at VOR Group, specialising in SPM Modelling. His love for Retrofit is grounded in his belief in its potential to make meaningful environmental change while significantly improving social housing living conditions.

Image: Ian Cross, Retrofit Assessor at VOR Group photograph

Ian Cross – Retrofit Assessor

Meet Ian, our Retrofit Manager at VOR! He’s the go-to guy for ensuring our projects run smoothly and that our customers are happy.

Img: West of England Combined Authority logo

VOR working with WECA

VOR is really excited to be working with the West of England Combined Authority undertaking a technical monitoring role on Phase 2 of the Local Authority Delivery scheme (LAD 2). The scheme aims to improve the energy efficiency of homes of low-income households living in the South West area.